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Flores is a prime choice of some world’s travelers right now especially for adventurers and natural and cultural lovers. So, be ready for an exploration to the new destination; Flores

Manage your flight from your home country to some main airports in Indonesia like Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya, then directly connecting to Komodo International Airport in Flores a new operated International Airport in Flores. From this western most point of the island, you will be able to explore the whole part of the island. Taking boat to visit the Komodo dragon at its original habitat at Komodo National Park. Go and visit the different communities of indigenous tribes with various culture and different way of life. Penetrate inland to the rugged mountains and amazing volcanoes, flora and faunas on beauty, pristine beaches with white sands, or find out the colorful marine life in the deep sea. Kelimutu Volcano with its three colored lakes is one of the main attractions to see.

Please notice the timetables are sometimes unreliable and depend on the season. Trip with passenger service boats often inconvenient due overloaded with people, animals and vehicle cargo.


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