While planning your trip to Flores, it is important to inform you about health and safety issues. We highly recommend you to consult a specialist on tropical medicine in your home country prior to your journey. A reliable physician can give you the right advice on the vaccinations needed and the preparation of a medical travel kit.

Food & Water

For the Florenese people, eating and especially sharing a meal with their family and friends, is a very important part of their communal life. It is symbol for sharing, social cohesion, communication, family unity and integration.

You should not miss out to step into the wonderful world of Florenese food. Usually, there is no problem with eating local meals, as your hosts are concerned about your well-being as well. No one wants to see you in discomfort.

Do not eat fruits or vegetables unless they have been peeled or cooked. Do not eat raw or uncooked meat or fish. Some types of fish may contain poisonous bio toxins even when cooked. Do not drink tap water unless it has been boiled, filtered, or chemically disinfected. Avoid drinks that contain ice. Avoid unpasteurized milk and any products that might have been made from unpasteurized milk, such as ice cream.

Make sure to bring along an antibiotic and anti-diarrheal drugs to be taken immediately as emergency treatment.

Prevent Tropical Diseases

Dengue Fever, Malaria, Japanese B Encephalitis and Rabies are the kinds of diseases those are spread throughout the Americas, South-East Asia and the Western Pacific. The risk of getting infected affects Flores as well. Therefore, we highly recommend you to seek medical advice and take the necessary measures before you start on your trip.

Mosquito bites can be limited by wearing protective clothing (avoid dark-colored or black clothing as it attracts mosquitoes) and using mosquito repellent sprays or mosquito nets for malaria prevention. As the adult tiger mosquitoes, which cause dengue fever, are active during the day, your options for protection are limited. Mosquito repellent sprays with a high DEET content are most effective in lowering the risk of a mosquito bite.

Rabies spread through the bite of infected animals mostly dogs monkeys and flying foxes. You might have the way of threatening dog as domestic pets at home. But greatly advise to avoid to be close to the dogs during the trip in Flores unless having a vaccination with ‘pretavel’ which is a vital part of your medical pre-journey preparations.

Medical Facilities

Health centers, hospitals, and general practitioners are present throughout Flores. However, in case of emergency, the limited equipment may not be sufficient. Depending on the case, admission to a renowned hospital on Bali or Singapore is advised.


Before you start on your journey to Flores, make sure to consult a doctor or a clinic specialized in travel medicine. The vaccinations and preventive measures needed.

Since the vaccinations have to be made up to eight weeks before departure, it is improtant to contact the doctor early. All vaccinations are registered in an international certificate of vaccinations, which is a part of your travel documents to bring along.

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